Hydrostatic & Static Testing

Hydrostatic Testing

A hydro static test is a procedure testing your water lines under water pressure to see if you have a water loss.  A hydrostatic test is used to find out if a house has a Slab Leak on the potable or drinking water pipes running under or in your slab.

Some hydrostatic tests can be performed in about 1 hour.  Others take more time.  In some homes an isolation valve will have to be cut in to allow for the test to be performed.  In most cases a home owner can perform the test themselves to see if there is something wrong before they call a plumber out.

If after performing a hydrostatic test on the whole home or business, and a leak is found, you can also perform a hydrostatic test on individual lines.  This portion of the testing we recommend leaving up to a professional San Antonio plumber.

Most plumbers can test a whole house in less than 6 hours.

Static Testing

A static test is a test of the sewer system under water pressure.  A static test is used for the same principal as a hydro static test except that you are testing the sewer water instead of the drinking water.

Most sewer systems will never be under pressure unless they have a sewer clog.  Under regular operating conditions a sewer line should never be more than 3/4 full of water when you are running water.  If it is there is water in the pipes when you are not running water there is something wrong with your sewer.

Some people say, what does it matter if my sewer is leaking under my home? Why should I care?

That is a good question.  A sewer leak under a home has the potential to destroy the property value of your home.  A sewer leak under your home can cause your foundation to sink or raise.  This foundation shifting can cause cracks in your walls, cause your doors to not close, and cause your windows to not open.  A leaking sewer pipe can cause a foundation shift that could possibly break your sewer line in half leaving you with no sewer service at all.

If you need a static or a hydro static test in San Antonio feel free to give us a call or fill out the contact form and we will get a licensed San Antonio Plumber right out to you.